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3 New Inventions of Faucets

3 New Inventions of Faucets

Are you building a new home? You might be planning about how your kitchen or bathroom should look like. When it comes to your plumbing fixtures, we’re all big fans of technologies that solve our problems and offer benefits, including energy savings, convenience, and safety.  

Let’s discover these three (3) new inventions of faucet that make our lives easier and less stressful.

VoiceIQ Technology

This new faucet invention can be connected to your device, which gives you full control over the exact amount of water you need. It’s designed with amazing features, such as custom container demands and metered dispensing technology.

Voice-activated faucets are highly convenient as you can easily turn on or off a fixture without touching the faucet itself. We can expect to see more of voice-recognition technology in the future that offer great advantage to our everyday lives.

Ceramic Disc Faucet

Ceramic disc faucets come with innovative water control system using two discs that regulates the water that glides back and forth in the fixture. The faucet has an airtight seal to prevent leaking and ensure a smooth operation.

The ceramic valves are extremely durable that it can withstand changing temperatures, rust, sand, and hard water conditions. With its durability, you can expect a drip-free performance over the years.

Touchless/Motion-Sensing Faucets

Want to modernize your bathroom faucet or kitchen sink? You might want to try a touchless faucet for a change. This hands-free activation technology can be activated by simply moving your hands close to or near the faucet. Its proximity sensor allows the water to flow through the valve with no mess.


There’s no doubt about it! These technologically advanced faucets save you time and effort—giving you convenience when using tap water.

Talk to us at Goode Plumbing to determine what best suits your home and needs.

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