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4 Tips to Get Your Plumbing Ready for Fall

4 Tips to Get Your Plumbing Ready for Fall

You don’t want to deal with emergency plumbing issues in the midst of the winter. So before the freezing weather comes, be sure your plumbing system is ready to take up the challenge. Take note of these plumbing preparation tips from our experts at Goode Plumbing!

Your Garden Hoses Aren’t Supposed to be Outside—Store Them!

It’s a real hassle when you have to replace your hoses because you left them outside during the coldest days of the year. Hoses are vulnerable to cold weather, and they tend to expand and break. So to avoid this scenario, make sure to disconnect the hoses, drain the water, and store them in a dry place inside the house.

Turn Off Your Hose Bib—Consult the Experts If In Doubt

The hose bib is a part of your main water supply line. And one important thing you should do is to turn it off before the fall or winter hits. If you noticed a leak somewhere, especially for older hose bibs, we advise you to use a frost-proof hose bib to prevent the water from freezing. You may consult our plumbing specialists to perform a complete inspection or repair on your hose bib to ensure it’s all set for the cold season.

Get Your Sewer System Checked

Your sewer system runs 24/7 in the background of your home. While it looks like a complex series of lines and pipes, its process is pretty simple and straightforward. With professional inspection and preventive maintenance, you have nothing to worry about waking up one day with a clogged drain or toilet. Be sure to get your pipes and sewer system checked ahead of time.

Secure Hot Water—Schedule a Water Heater Maintenance

Hot water is essential during the fall and winter months—and you certainly don’t want to run out of it when you need it most. That’s why it’s important to schedule a water heater preventive maintenance to ensure a continuous supply of hot water. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact your trusted plumbing company today!

Just like your heating or cooling unit, your plumbing system is also susceptible to various issues when the cold season hits. But no worries! Goode Plumbing is here to take care of your plumbing and ensure it’s working properly throughout the winter. Call us for your plumbing needs in Chicago, IL!

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