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Repair & InstallationGoode Plumbing works with piping that is used for different fixtures and purposes in your home or business: water supply, natural gas supply, drain, waste, vent, and more. We have experience with many different materials as well, including lead, copper, galvanized iron, black iron, ductile iron, brass, bronze, glass, PVC, CPVC, clay, cast iron, Orangeburg (only a special few will recognize that one!), as well as specialty piping materials.

Leaks can be the result of any number of issues. We have seen copper piping fail due to lack of protection on concrete floors, we have seen galvanized piping leak due to rust holes from age, black iron leak gas due to failing pipe joint compound, PVC pipe leak at the fitting due to improper fusion, lead pipe leak after being hit by an object being stored in a basement, and the list goes on! Recently, our team was out running emergency calls around the clock due to many, many leaks from burst piping of a large variety of materials after the polar vortex and thawing that followed.

Some leaks can be readily seen. Others are hidden behind drywall, plaster, concrete, wood flooring, and other objects. We have the knowledge and equipment to help locate a leak, be it gas, waste, or water. We can also educate you on how to control a leak via a shut-off valve, and how to prevent leaks in the future.

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