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Does the energy bill in your Glenview’s commercial facility suddenly spiked up? Are there visible mold and mildew growth? Are there water stains on your walls even when there’s no rain? Do you smell musty odor in particular indoor areas? If yes, there’s a high chance that your commercial plumbing is leaking.

If you think there’s a leak in your plumbing but cannot find it, immediately contact Goode Plumbing. We offer dependable commercial leak detection and repair services in

Glenview, IL, and surrounding areas. With specialized tools, years of experience, and knowledge, no leak can hide from our expert technicians. We’ll find all the leaks on your plumbing so you can concentrate on running your business.

What Happens When A Leak Remains Undetected?

Generally, an undetected plumbing leak can cause havoc in your commercial property. We’ve listed some of the consequences below.

Water Wastage

A plumbing leak is one of the sources of water waste. The longer the leak goes undetected and unrepaired, the more water will be wasted. In return, it will cause your water bill to spike up. So if your monthly water bill increased and you don’t know the reason behind it, you should consider checking the plumbing.

Water Damage

The leaking water can accumulate over time and get drawn towards porous surfaces. Your drywall, wooden floors, cabinets, ceiling, and more can suffer irreversible water damage. Furthermore, the crack in the plumbing may worsen and cause more water to leak. It can result in flooding, which apparently can cause costly damages. The water damage may also attract vermin and mold growth, resulting in an unhealthy living environment.

Mold Growth

Plumbing leaks can create an environment ideal for mold growth. The effects of being exposed to moldy environments vary from person to person. People who are sensitive to molds may experience a stuffy nose, itchy and red eyes, and wheezing. People with an underlying medical condition such as asthma may have more serious reactions such as fever and shortness of breath. Furthermore, molds can cause your space to smell musty.

Why Get a Professional Leak Detection Service

Plumbing structures in commercial properties are intricate, so leaks will be difficult to detect without the right tools. That is why you should get professional leak detection and repair services in Glenview, IL from a licensed and insured plumbing company.

Professional plumbers know and employ a variety of leak detection methods and are equipped with specialized tools. We can detect even the smallest, hidden leak in your plumbing. While small leaks may seem like a minor problem, they can still cause damages that require costly repairs over time. So it is a must to find and repair them as early as possible.

Pro plumbers will repair the leaks properly using high-quality products and cutting-edge tools to ensure that you won’t have the same leak problem in the future.

Get Hidden Leaks Revealed! Contact Us Today.

Don’t wait for a leak to cause irreversible damage to your property and your business. Contact Goode Plumbing today! We have over 200 years of combined experience in the plumbing industry, are fully licensed and insured, and available any time. We guarantee dependable commercial leak detection and repair services in Glenview, TL.

Call us at 773-295-7773 to schedule an appointment or learn more about us and our services.