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Frozen pipes by Goode Plumbing

If you’re about to make coffee and instead felt the rush of ice-cold water, then you could be having some electric water heater problems. When this happens, then you won’t need to waste time troubleshooting and call Goode Plumbing right away for commercial water heater installation repair in Lincolnwood, IL. 

Common Water Heater Problems

Having a readily available hot water makes our day-to-day routine easy, quick, and convenient. This is a product of modern technology that we would often overlook even if we use it every single day.

We use this when we get into hot luxurious baths or when we use it for coffee and cooking. Our hot water tank does the job – and just like any other appliance, it’s prone to fail. Below are some common water heater problems and how we can spot problems easily.

  • No Hot Water.If you observe that it’s more tepid than you would like it or there is in fact no hot water at all – then there is a problem. It could be a circuit breaker or your own electrical system that could be the culprit or your water heater. If you step into the shower and find the water freezing cold, then that’s your cue to call us right away. Old gas or unmaintained water heaters could be the problem right here.
  • Heat Dissipates Quickly.You could have hot water available but you would find that the heat wouldn’t last long – then that may be a thermostat problem or could be electrical issues. With that being said, you would need to call our team of expert plumbers to inspect and get commercial water heater installation repair in Lincolnwood, IL done right away.
  • Takes Time to Reheat Water.If you find that it takes a long time to reheat water then this could be a thermostat problem as well or a faulty electrical wiring that affect your water heater’s functionality.
  • Foul Odor.If your hot water smells awful then this could be coming from bacteria buildup. Now, this is very dangerous especially if ingested so call Goode Plumbing immediately. This is something you can’t just DIY so it’s important to call on us so we can check what’s going on and implement the necessary water heater installation repair to get this problem fixed right away.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Water Heater Installation Repairs

Our water heaters can fail us many times but it’s still a necessity. Imagine a day without hot water? That would be a lot of hassle for us to bear on a daily basis. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t wait it out and call us immediately for commercial water heater installation repair in Lincolnwood, IL.

  • Ensure uninterrupted 24/7 hot water supply
  • Economical
  • Energy-efficient
  • Saves you time
  • Convenient
  • Environment-friendly

We know how important a water heating system is for your home and office so we make your hot water emergencies a priority. We aim to under-promise and over-deliver – this is our seal of reputation.

We have an expert team of plumbing technicians and staff that you can call on at (773) 930-3451 or online at Goode Plumbing. We are ready to provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Chicago, IL and nearby areas.