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If you live in a flood-prone area, a drain tile installation will be a very useful addition to your flood-proofing system.

At Goode Plumbing, we offer drain tile installation and repair in Carpentersville, IL and surrounding areas. With a quality drain tile/seepage drain system, you won’t have to worry about excessive rain/groundwater seeping in your basement ever again!

Benefits of a Properly Working Drain Tile System

A drain tile system is a drainage system designed to collect and redirect water that seeps into the ground away from your home. It basically consists of a perforated pipe set in a trench and then covered with gravel. Your chosen plumbing contractor can install the system either along your home’s exterior or the interior perimeter, or both.

The water that enters the pipe is redirected away from the house foundation either through a gravity flow or a sump pump. The latter is a device installed in the lowest point of the basement designed to pump excess water collected in the sump pit away from your home. 

Helps Keep the Basement Dry By Preventing Groundwater Seepage

An excessive amount of groundwater, which usually happens during a heavy downpour, can enter your basement through seeping in the cracks on the floor. It happens due to hydrostatic pressure or the force of rising groundwater.

So if you usually find a flooded basement after heavy rainfall or rapid snowmelt, the ground seepage is to blame. You may get rid of the water through mopping or vacuuming. But why resort to such a monotonous and tedious solution if you can just install a drain tile? A drain tile can keep your basement dry effortlessly. 

Protects Your Home’s Structural Integrity

When your home has poor drainage or no drainage at all, water from persistent heavy rain or melting ice may collect against your home foundation. The water that accumulates around the foundation may cause the soil to saturate over time and compromise your home’s foundation. Once the foundation is compromised, so is the home’s structural integrity and occupant’s safety. A drain tile can help prevent this problem as the drainage can keep water away from your home’s foundation.

Avoids Costly Water Damage

If you store valuables in your basement, the water that seeps into the floor of this part of your house may cause costly, irreversible damage to any item in there. Furthermore, you may have to pay for a cleaning service to dry your basement.

What’s more, excessive groundwater may cost you an insane amount of money if it damages your home’s foundation. Getting a professional drain tile installation and repair in Carpentersville, IL will definitely cost you some bucks. Still, it won’t be as expensive as the cost of possible water damages. 

Drain Tile Problems

After drain tile installation in Carpentersville, IL, the drainage system would likely be out of your mind for a long time. Drain tile systems may last for years, even without giving them any attention. But it doesn’t mean the system will stay in its best condition.

The most common and serious problem with the drain tile system is clogging. The drain tile can get clogged because of tree roots or the soil or debris caught up in the pipes. Other problems like misalignment may happen due to the system’s old age. 

Whatever the drain tile problem is, Goode Plumbing is here to provide a lasting solution. We offer drain tile installation and repair in Carpentersville, IL, and more. We only use quality equipment and products and deploy skilled and adept plumbers to guarantee successful drain tile installation or repair.

Contact our team at 773-295-7773. We’ll be more than glad to hear from you.