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Do you often find puddles of water in your backyard, even days after a heavy downpour? Do you find cracked floors in your basement damp? Installing a drain tile can easily solve this problem and get a basement as dry as the desert.

Drain tile installation is usually done during the construction of a new house. But in case your home doesn’t have one or your existing drain tile is damaged, you can contact Goode Plumbing. We offer top-notch drain tile installation and repair services in Des Plaines, IL

What is a Drain Tile?

The ground under your feet contains water. When it rains, or the ice melts, more water will seep into the ground or seep into the cracks in your basement. It happens because water chooses the path of least resistance.

If you have no properly working drainage system and poorly draining soil, the excess water will likely cause oversaturation. When the soil under your home’s foundation is oversaturated, it may compromise the building’s integrity. Worse, there may be soil erosion. The less serious consequence would be basement flooding. 

A drain tile is designed to prevent any water-related nightmare from happening. A drain tile system contains a network of perforated pipes – pipes with holes in them. The holes will serve as the entry point for water. The pipes are placed in a gravel-filled trench that’s typically dug alongside a building foundation’s footing. 

When the ice melts or the rain pours heavily, excess water will enter the pipes and will be moved away from your property instead of seeping into the ground or entering your basement. 

Importance of Proper Drain Tile Installation 

A drain tile plays a vital role in preventing basement flooding and groundwater damage to your property. Unfortunately, not all builders or plumbing contractors completely understand the significance of drain tile or care at all. Some cut corners or use cheap materials.

Suppose you aren’t careful about who you choose to handle your drain tile installation and repair in Des Plaines, IL. In that case, you may end up with a very low quality sump pump, corrugated plastic piping, or gravel blocking the pipes because the contractor uses less than the ideal gravel size. 

It is still possible to correct an improperly installed drain tile or install a new one. However, the process would take a lot of money because it is more labor-intensive than installing during construction. If you want to avoid the expensive retrofitting, make sure the drain tile installation is done right the first time (during the construction of the building).

Contact Us for Quality Drain Tile Installation and Repair Service in Des Plaines, IL

At Goode Plumbing, we completely understand the importance of a properly installed drain tile for a property. So we take the job seriously. We only use high-grade sump pumps, high-quality SDR-type piping, number 10 or similar stone, quite-type check valves, etc. We never take shortcuts just to make the job faster and easier on our part. Moreover, our team has the expertise and knowledge to install or repair your drain tile properly the first time.

So if you have a drain tile installation and repair projects in Des Plaines, IL, allow us to do the job. We offer financing if you have financial troubles but want to get rid of your seepage problem. We can also help acquire permits for the work. Kindly give us a call at (773) 930-3451 for your queries.