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Is water seeping into your basement floor? Your drain tile might be clogged. Drain tiles are perforated pipes that catch the excess water from the ground and keep it away from the house foundation. For some areas, this is a building requirement for residential and commercial structures.

You will know that your drain pipe is blocked or damaged if water is pooling around your home or your basement floor always seems wet. Goode Plumbing is an expert in drain tile installation and repair in Skokie, IL. We help keep away the excessive groundwater or rainwater from entering your basement floor and walls.

Here are some of the reasons why we are the best at what we do:

We use deep 36-inch basins

We’ve seen others make shallow basins, resulting in shorter pump life in the long run. Our standard installations are 36-inch basins, so there is enough room to install the main pump and backup pump properly.

We only use high-quality pump systems

Even our backup pumps are of the same make, quality, and model as the main pump. We do not scrimp when it comes to quality and durability if it serves our customers better. We make sure that both pumps automatically function when needed.

We use big gravel sizes

Small gravel sizes can enter piping systems. That is why we make sure to use a number ten gravel or any similar-sized stones for compacting. Proper backfill and coverage will ensure the drains will not be clogged.

We use high-quality piping materials

We only use high-quality SDR-type piping that is durable and retains its shape. We wrap a protective sock material around it before backfilling. Others only use corrugated plastic piping, which can easily deform when backfilled.

We use high-quality check valves

We only use high-quality check valves that will serve our customers for years. Low-quality check valves can don’t last and can also be noisy! We make sure we use only the quiet-type that opens and shuts off quietly.

We offer a longer warranty period

We value strong customer service, that is why we offer three years warranty on our drainage systems. This includes the parts, labor, check valves, and also piping. You can’t get anything better anywhere else when it comes to a warranty.

Goode Plumbing can do quality drain tile installation and repair in Skokie, IL, and routine inspection of ground pipes. We do not take shortcuts when it comes to our work with drain tiles. Protecting your home from water damage is our number one goal.

Let us install and repair your drainage tiles and have peace of mind. Rest assured of getting quality work that will last for years! There is no need to worry about the repair details because we can also take care of all the permits needed. And if finances are a problem, call us to talk about a financing scheme that could work for both ends.

Choose only the experts in drain tile installation and repair in Skokie, IL!

Goode Plumbing has been in the business of plumbing for more than 25 years. It is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company, always giving the best customer service. That is why we have earned a 5-star rating.

We specialize in residential and commercial plumbing works. We serve our clients 24/7. Call us anytime at (773) 295 – 7773 to book an appointment.