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Is there no water coming out of your faucet when it’s cold outside? Do you smell something weird from your drain or faucet? Do you see frost on the exterior of your pipes? Or is the temperature outdoors falls to or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit?

If your answer to any of these is yes, then some of your pipes, specifically those exposed to cold weather, are frozen and will likely need a frozen pipe repair service in Des Plaines, IL.

For any frozen pipes concern, you can depend on Goode Plumbing. We have a team of master plumbers who can find the freezing leak, thaw it safely, and fix any damage that the ice has caused. 

How to Thaw a Frozen Pipe Safely

When water freezes, it expands. This expansion can damage the pipe, causing cracks or holes where melted water will escape and possibly put your home at risk. 

But take note that not all frozen pipes burst, so you can still thaw your pipes yourself and get them back to their normal condition. Nevertheless, it’s important to be careful when thawing the ice and take precautions to avoid the frozen pipes from causing more damage to the property.

Step 1: Locate the frozen pipe.

Find a pipe that’s bulging or coated in frost. These pipes are likely frozen. Unfortunately, not all frozen pipes can be easily found since some pipes are located in areas that are hard to access. Contact a frozen pipe repair company in Des Plaines, IL if you think a part of your water line is frozen but can’t locate it.

Step 2: Turn off Water & Electricity Supply

Before doing anything with the frozen pipe, make sure the water and electricity supply has been cut off. This is crucial for you and your property’s safety. There may be cracks in the pipe, and the frozen water prevents the flowing water from gushing out. Once the frozen water is thawed, leaks may surprise you.

Shutting off your home’s main water supply will minimize the leak (if there’s a hole or crack in the pipe) while shutting off the electric supply will prevent the risk of electrocution. Also, prepare a mop, towel, or bucket that you can use to catch water in case of a leak.

Step 3: Place a Space Heater Near the Affected Area

If you have a space heater in your house, use it to help speed up the thawing process. Position the appliance in such a way that the heat will hit the affected area and make sure it’s never turned directly onto any nearby piping.

Use a thermometer near the affected area to check when there is finally no more cold air coming from it before you move on. If this method doesn’t work after 24 hours, then don’t hesitate to call professional frozen pipe repair plumbers in Des Plaines, IL.

Step 5: Thaw the Ice Using a Hair Dryer

If you don’t have a space heater or the heat can’t reach some areas of the frozen pipe, a hairdryer could be a good tool for thawing the ice. Simply point the hairdryer directly into the frozen areas.

Contact Us for a Budget-Friendly but Dependable Frozen Pipe Repair Service

If you’re lucky, the pipe would be good as new once the ice melts. If not, you may be looking at the water gushing out and a costly repair. In an unfortunate event, Goode Plumbing is always ready to rush to your home to help thaw the ice properly and fix any damage that it causes.

You can learn more about our frozen pipe repair service in Des Plaines, IL here, or call us directly at (773) 930-3451.