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Overhead Sewer Conversion and Installation Des Plaines

Imagine going into the basement only to find it flooded with sewage. You’ll probably cringe just with the thought of it. Unfortunately, that nasty scenario could happen in reality. A sewage backup is a common problem. But you could avoid it and keep your basement dry by installing or switching to an overhead sewer system. 

Goode Plumbing is the expert in regards to overhead sewer conversion and installation in Des Plaines, IL. Rest assured that the overhead sewer system will be installed correctly, so you don’t have to worry about backup sewage ever again.

Overhead Sewer System: An Effective Way to Keep Your Basement Dry

A basement can be a great space for storing valuables or any stuff at home that you don’t use. It can also be a great play area for kids. But some basements can’t be used for the purposes mentioned above because of flooding.

If your property was built decades ago, it probably has a gravity-type sewer system. With this system, the pipes slope downward from the plumbing fixtures like toilets to the treatment plant. Its design doesn’t effectively prevent sewer backup.

If it rains and the amount of water entering the sewer pipes exceeds the pipe’s capacity, the water alongside the raw sewage may escape the lines and reach your basement. Similarly, sewage backup can happen when the pipes are clogged with dirt, or probably the sewage flow is obstructed by tree roots. 

Overhead sewer conversion or installation in Des Plaines, IL prevents the flooding problem associated with the gravity-fed sewer system. This type of sewer system works pretty simple. The lowest drain (the pipes installed below the basement) is raised to a higher level.

So even when there’s a downpour, the sewage in the mainline won’t reach yours. You can have peace of mind knowing that your basement won’t be flooded every time it rains cats and dogs.


More Benefits of Overhead Sewer System

When there’s no flood, there will be no costly water damage. Overhead sewer system installation or conversion can be quite costly since each system is custom built. But you’ll probably save thousands of bucks from repair and clean-up during a flood for the years to come. It’s worth the money.

Furthermore, an overhead sewer system can increase the value of your home. So if you have plans to put the property up for sale in the future, consider investing in this type of system now.

Hire the Right Plumbers

An overhead sewer system needs to be properly installed to function effectively. So be careful when choosing your installers. 

For 100% guaranteed work, look no further than Goode Plumbing. If you choose our master plumbers to handle your overhead sewer conversion and installation in Des Plaines, IL, you can expect only quality service and materials (sump pump).

We offer extra deep capacity for drains, full clean-up, and complete restoration after excavation. We’ll make sure the process won’t be stressful on your part. Once the work is done, all that will be left behind is a properly working overhead sewer system.

Let our team convert your existing sewer system to an overhead type and enjoy a flooding-free basement. Contact us at (773) 295-7773 to schedule an appointment.