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An overhead sewer system is proven effective in preventing sewer backup and flooding. So if you have been dealing with a sewage backup, installing this type of sewer system will solve your nasty problem. 

If you’re ready to install or convert your gravity-based sewer system to an overhead sewer, please contact Goode Plumbing. We offer overhead sewer conversion and installation services in Skokie, IL, and nearby areas

The Benefits of an Overhead Sewer

Overhead sewer installation and conversion will likely cost thousands of dollars. While it can be quite expensive, the return on investment is definitely worth it. An overhead sewer system provides the following benefits: 

Prevents sewage backup

Sewers have sewage capacity. When there’s a downpour, the volume of water may exceed what the sewer can handle. The water level will rise and may back up into your basement. Sometimes, the backup water comes with raw sewage.

An overhead sewer system solves this nasty problem as overhead sewer pipes are installed above ground and not below your basement. It prevents the sewage and water from escaping the system and causing an often costly mess. 

Protects occupants from sewage back-up-related health risks

Sewage and wastewater smell foul and contain many toxic substances and organisms such as acanthamoeba, coli strains, and leptospirosis. And they can cause mild to serious health issues. With an overhead sewer system, you can avoid sewage backup and the risk of contact with those harmful contaminants that can put the health of building occupants at risk. 

Keeps the basement safe and secure

With gravity sewer systems, the pipes are located under the concrete of the basement. If the pipe leaks or bursts, the wastewater will seep through the concrete. As a result, the basement will likely smell foul. If left unrepaired, the leak can damage the concrete.

An overhead sewer conversion and installation in Skokie, IL can solve the dilemma mentioned above because the pipes will be above the ground.

Saves Money

Installing an overhead sewer system can be a bit costly, but it will save you money in the long run. Over time, sewer pipes get damaged. But since the pipes are situated above the ground, the repair will be easier since there will be no need to dig up the concrete.

The repair cost would be less expensive than traditional sewer system repair. Furthermore, an overhead system prevents basement floods, so you won’t have to deal with costly water damages.

Increases a property’s value

Real estate prices usually depend on the amenities and products available in the property. An overhead sewer system serves as a flood control system and can be considered a valuable feature. And any buyer would be attracted to a property that is less likely to get flooded.

For Quality Overhead Sewer Conversion and Installation, Contact Goode Plumbing Today!

When you choose us for overhead sewer conversion and installation service in Skokie, IL, we guarantee to handle the work accurately and professionally. We also provide only a high-quality backup pump system with a longer pump life so that you can enjoy the perks of an overhead system.

Furthermore, we’ll ensure your place is restored to its clean state before we leave if there’s a need for concrete excavation. In terms of cost, we offer fair pricing. 

Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.