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Leak pipes by Goode Plumbing

If you suspect or notice a leaking pipe in your home, contact Goode Plumbing as soon as possible. Procrastinating on pipe leak repair and installation in Carpentersville, IL often has expensive, damaging consequences. 

Pipe Leaks and Their Consequences

You probably have seen a small leak. The size didn’t bother you, so you choose to ignore it instead of having it repaired. After a month, you’ve noticed an outrageously high water bill but wonder what could have gone wrong. 

Remember that a small leak isn’t always harmless – it can cause massive problems in the long run, such as the following:

Health Risks

No, we’re not overreacting. Even a small leak can pose health risks. When left unrepaired, the drops of water from a leaky pipe can create damp spots that may invite mold and mildew growth. And spores released by these fungi may trigger allergic reactions, such as skin irritation, throat soreness, and red eyes, in some people. 

The presence of mold is also bad for people with respiratory conditions like asthma. That is why you should get a pipe leak repair and installation in Carpentersville as soon as you notice a leak. Besides, molds can grow within hours.

Furthermore, a pipe leak may result in water contamination. According to a study from the University of Sheffield, contaminants can enter the pipe when there’s a leak. It happens when the pressure in the damaged part of the pipe drops significantly.

The pressure in the water pipe is what prevents anything from getting in the pipe. The drop in the pressure can cause the water that surrounds the pipe to be sucked in through the crack/hole. It can be a big problem and health risk if the pipe is carrying drinking water. 

Structural Damage

Many of the pipes in your home are installed beneath the floorboards or above the ceiling. When the leak happens on the pipe in the ceiling, the drywall and framing materials will likely weaken over time. As a result, the ceiling may collapse, and the water may cause damage to whatever lies below. 

When the leak is on the pipes installed beneath the floorboards, the escaping water will likely damage the structural wood components.

Even concrete structures aren’t safe from water damage due to pipe leaks. The moisture may reach the building’s steel frame, an important part of your building’s foundation, and cause corrosion. If left unrepaired, the corrosion may cause more structural damage, such as fallen masonry as well as cracks on interior and exterior walls. 

Financial Damage

No matter how small the leak is, procrastinating on pipe leak repair and installation in Carpentersville, IL will definitely hurt your budget. Every drop of water lost is money lost. Furthermore, water damage is costly.

Got a Leaky Pipe? Contact Us Today For A Fast, Dependable Pipe Leak Repair or Installation!

At Goode Plumbing, our skilled and dependable plumbers work with piping used for different fixtures and purposes: drain, water supply, natural gas supply, and more. Our team also has experience fixing pipes made of different materials. If you don’t know where the leak is, fret not because we have the equipment and knowledge to locate leaks. 

Our team is available 24/7 to respond to any of your leak problems. Contact us at 773-295-7773 for pipe leak repair and installation in Carpentersville, IL.