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Pipe Leak Repair and Installation Service Highland Park

Leaks in home plumbing systems can be a nightmare – especially if they are not repaired promptly. In many cases, the leaks will only get worse if they stay unfixed, causing irreversible and sometimes costly damage. That being said, you should never procrastinate on pipe leak repair.

If you need pipe repair and installation services in Highland Park IL, or surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact Goode Plumbing. With over 100 years of combined experience, you can rest assured our team will fix any leaky pipe or install a new one if needed fast and properly.


4 Signs of Hidden Leaks in Your Plumbing System

Pipe leaks aren’t always visible. But that doesn’t mean they cannot be discovered. Hidden leaks usually show signs that you should look out for. Indicators of hidden leaks may include the following:


1. Outrageous Increase in Water Bills

If your home’s water bill has significantly increased, and there were no changes in your water consumption or water supplier’s rate, the culprit may be a hidden leak. One way to know whether there’s indeed a leak is to monitor the water meter.

Take note of the water meter’s reading, and afterward, turn all your plumbing fixtures for a few minutes to hours. If the reading changes even if all water fixtures are turned off, there’s likely a leak.

2. Discoloration or Bulging In the Walls

Some pipes run through the walls. When they leak, you may notice stains, discoloration, or bulging in the wall. If you see these signs, immediately contact your pipe leak repair and installation contractor in Highland Park, IL. Procrastinating on repair may only result in more damage. Instead of only having a leaky pipe to repair, your walls may also need

3. Something Smells Filthy

A damp and dark area invites mold growth, and this fungus smells musty. So if somewhere in your place smells earthy, woody, intoxicating, look for mold. That may lead you to where the leak is. And if you find one, address the problem immediately. The presence of mold in your property is never good for your and other occupants’ health.

4. Damp Spots

A consistently damp spot in your place can also indicate a hidden water leak. So check out the pipes around the area if there are no appliances that would leak water. Immediately address the problem to avoid further issues like mold growth or structural damage, which is costlier to fix.

If you suspect a leak, don’t wait before the problem becomes worse. Call in your trusted local pipe leak repair and installation company in Highland Park, IL.

Need Help Fixing Leaky Pipes? Contact Goode Plumbing!


If you suspect or have seen a leaky pipe in your property, contact Goode Plumbing immediately before it’s too late. 

No matter the purpose or fixture the leaky pipes are used for, our master plumbers can fix it right the first time. Aside from water supply lines, we can also work with piping used for your natural gas supply, waste, drain, etc. We have experience with several different piping materials as well. So whether you got PVC, glass, iron, copper, lead pipes, etc., our team has got your repair needs covered. 

Call us at (773) 930-3451 to schedule an appointment. We’re also available for emergency pipe repair and installation service in Highland Park, IL.