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Are you planning to have your pipes installed or your leaks repaired? Whatever pipe problems you may have at home or your business, you can always count on our expert plumbers at Goode Plumbing.

We are the #1 trusted plumbing company for pipe leak repair and installation in Skokie, IL and the nearby areas. Our team has over 25 years of experience in handling various plumbing jobs. Our trained and certified plumbers are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, giving you the guarantee of satisfactory results at the end of the day.

Common Causes of Pipe Leaks

You might be wondering why your pipes are leaking. Despite the sturdiness of the material used, such as copper, black iron, and galvanized pipes, the leakage can be attributed to several issues.

Here are some reasons why pipes leak:

Damaged Joints
In any plumbing system, the weakest points are the joints. So consequently, any damage to the joints will result in leaks. Damages to the joints are caused by different reasons, like contracting and expanding the pipes, inferior quality of work, heating, and cooling the pipes.

Blockages are common causes of leaks. One example is when tree roots get into the sewage pipes that run wastewater out of your home or when toilet paper and food debris get caught up and form a blockage. This blockage will eventually build up until the wastewater can’t get through and would look for a weak spot so water can escape.

Cracks are weaknesses in the pipes that may cause your entire plumbing system to fail. You will most probably ignore it since it is small. It will start as a drip at first, as the water pressure lets the water through the cracks. Eventually, the pipe walls will give in, causing you more extensive problems than you would’ve imagined. 

Most pipes used today are metal, and with water running through them every day, there is a tendency for the pipes to develop rust. Metals usually rust over time, and this will corrode the pipes that may result in leaks.

High water pressure
Excessive water pressure can cause damage and wear and tear to your pipes. Water running at high speeds can cause your pipes to burst. The sudden shift of direction can cause leaks to the pipes as well.

Take Care of Leaks Before They Appear

The best approach to leaking pipes will always be early prevention. Call a licensed and reputable plumbing expert to look for corrosions, cracks, and signs of damages and blockage. Goode Plumbing will be more than happy to provide preventive maintenance of your pipes. 

Make the best choice! Choose Goode Plumbing for your pipe leaks and installation in Skokie, IL

Goode Plumbing has a proven track record of quality and excellence in all our service calls, so you can put all your pipe problems behind and let them take care of your pipe leaks and installation in Skokie, IL. 

When you need to get your problematic pipes fixed or other emergency plumbing services, Goode Plumbing will provide the most practical solution to all your plumbing system woes. 

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