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If you see sewage coming out of the toilet, or any other odd places in your bathroom, there’s likely a problem with the main drain line. The line is probably clogged, so the wastewater or sewage sitting in the pipes has nowhere to go. A sewer backup can also happen after a downpour or when the snow melts. Water can flow into the sewer line. If there’s more water than the sewer pipeline can handle, the excess water may flow back into your house sewer line and overflow.

You can do several things to prevent this nasty problem, such as proper disposal of grease and paper products and cutting tree roots (if there’s any). You can also install an overhead sewer system.

You should contact a plumber right away. While waiting for the help to arrive, find the main valve (usually located in the basement) and turn it off. Also, turn off the electricity in the affected areas of your home. If possible, you can also salvage your valuables. We also recommend taking pictures of the damage for insurance purposes.

If there is obvious water damage or pooled water indoors, there’s likely a plumbing leak. Other signs of plumbing leaks are a sudden increase in water bills and changes in water pressure.