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A clogged pipe in your Skokie, IL space can cause a series of problems in your plumbing systems. Slow draining, foul smell, and a popping noise on your pipes are indications of clogging. Before it happens, you can do preventive maintenance, such as the following:

  • Run cold water if you use the garbage disposal.
  • Make use of drain filters as a substitute for garbage disposal.
  • Keep grease or oil away from your drains.
  • Run hot water to rinse excess grease away.
  • Clean your bathtub’s drain stoppers.
  • Flush only toilet tissues and waste.
  • Pump septic tank at least every 2-3 years.
  • Keep away fibrous foods in the garbage disposal.

A clogged toilet is frustrating for your home or your business as this can quickly turn into a health risk. If your toilet isn’t flushing, try removing the clog with one of these methods:

  • Plunger:Firmly place the plunger in the toilet drain and plunge it several times. If the plunger doesn’t release the clog, try a plumbing snake.
  • Plumbing snake:Push the plumbing snake through the toilet drain to grab the substance that’s causing the blockage.

If you still can’t unclog your toilet after doing these methods, best call your local plumbing service provider in Skokie, IL immediately.

A plumbing emergency can come from several reasons: damaged pipes, clogged drains, gas leaks, etc. Emergency plumbing is a problem that requires immediate fixes at any given day or time.

Keep in mind that as a consumer, if you think you have a plumbing emergency, then it is a plumbing emergency.