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Carpentersville’s Master Plumbers Talk About Warning Signs Of A Frozen Pipe

How Do You Know If Your Pipes Are Frozen?

Winter will be rolling in in a few weeks. When winter comes, there comes the problem of frozen pipes as well. Frozen pipes are a serious issue because they can leave you with no running water. Furthermore, there’s a chance the pipe will burst due to the build-up pressure, causing costly water damage in your place. 

Fortunately, there are ways to know if there’s a problem brewing in your pipes. Detecting a frozen pipe early on allows you to contact a frozen pipe repair tech near Carpentersville, IL and avoid its costly and messy consequences. 

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Search the pipes for frost.

Check exposed pipes, like the ones under your sinks. If you see frost on the pipe’s exterior, there’s a chance it’s frozen. But since not all pipes can be actively seen, you can’t rely on frost alone to tell whether or not you have frozen pipe problems. It would be best if you also looked out for other warning signs of frozen pipes.

Look for bulging pipes.

If the pipe looks like it has swallowed something, there’s a chance that water has frozen. The water molecules expand when water freezes, creating a massive pressure that could cause the pipes to bulge. So don’t ignore a bulging pipe; contact a professional plumber right away before it’s too late.

Smell the problem (it’s unpleasant).

If the frozen pipe is the one carrying your used water, you’ll likely smell something terrible coming from your plumbing fixtures. The ice will trap the wastewater along with the foul odor inside. And they’ll have nowhere to go but up through your water fixtures. 

There’s a lack of running water.

When you turn your faucet or any other plumbing fixture, is there little to no water coming out of them? If so, a part of the pipe may be frozen. The lack of running water isn’t a sure-fire sign of a frozen pipe problem. But if you experience this alongside other warning signs listed above, it might be time to call in a plumber for an inspection.

Track the temperature.

Check the pipes, particularly those installed in unheated areas of your property, when the temperature outdoors falls to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Pipes may start to freeze at that temperature. 

If you think there’s a frozen pipe in your home, be cautious. While not all plumbing lines get damaged from freezing and burst, there’s still a chance that yours would. It would be best not to risk it. Contact a professional plumber right away to help with thawing and repair if needed. Pros know the right steps to take to prevent any possible damage to your property and have the tools required to get your plumbing system back in its good condition.

For a dependable plumbing solution, including water pipe leak repair in Carpentersville, IL, contact Goode Plumbing at (773) 930-3451.

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