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Carpentersville’s Plumbers Explain Steps For Crawlspace Sump Pump Installation

How to Install a Sump Pump in a Crawlspace

 If you are looking for a low-cost yet effective way to protect your home from flooding, installing a sump pump in the crawlspace is one of your best options. Sump pumps are designed to effectively direct rainwater or groundwater that may seep or get into the crawl space away from your property. This device works by drawing water out of the crawlspace through an intake pipe and then pumping it outside through discharge pipes. 

Sump pump installation can be pretty laborious and daunting. Hire a trusted sump pump installation provider near Carpentersville, IL to avoid the hassles and troubles of the installation process. 

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Generally, here are some steps your trusted plumbers usually take:

Determining the Best Location for the Sump Pit

Your sump pump installers don’t just go dig a sump pit wherever you think it is a pretty place. There’s planning involved, even with digging. Various factors need to be taken into account when choosing where to dig a sump pit (a hole where you’ll place the pump).

For instance, you have to find the lowest point of your place. That would be the best place to dig the pit, so the pump can effectively keep the crawlspace dry. The location of the electrical outlet also needs to be taken into account because it is where you’ll plug the pump so it will operate. The location of the discharge pipe also factors in.

Digging The Pit

This process is more complex than it sounds, especially if you’re digging through concrete. One wrong dig, and you may end up compromising your home’s foundation. That’s why if you’re planning to handle the digging yourself, still take time to consult a professional.

Preparing The Pit

Before dropping the sump liner in the pit, the pit’s bottom will be filled with coarse gravel (size between 3/8 and 1/2 inches works well). Spread the gravel evenly, then place the liner. Afterward, lay the pipes. There may be gaps between the hole and the liner; fill that up with gravel as well.

Installing The Pump

The plumbers will install the pump once everything is in place. This part may get more complicated because there’s the need to connect the pipes and make sure there’s no leak. You also need to work on the wiring.

If you know your way around electrical jobs, then go for it. However, if you aren’t confident working on this step, get help from an electrician or a handyman familiar with sump pumps. 

Covering The Pit

Most sump pumps come with a durable, airtight cover. After placing the cover, you still need to connect the discharge pipe. Your plumbers will check if the sump pump is working or not before leaving the premises. 

At Goode Plumbing, we have master plumbers who have successfully installed tons of sump pumps in the crawlspace. So if you’re looking for reliable sump pump installers who can help you find and install the right, high-quality sump pump, feel free to contact us at (773) 930-3451. We also handle sump pump maintenance and repair in Carpentersville, IL.

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