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Glenview’s Experienced Plumbers Discuss the Ideal Time to Clean the Sewer Lines

When & How Often Should Sewer Lines Be Cleaned Out?

 Sewer and drain cleaning in Glenview, IL may be the last thing you would think of, or maybe not think about at all. Besides, the pipes are usually out of sight. But overlooking this task may result in some nasty problems.

As you know, sewer lines are where wastewater and excrement flows. It can get clogged, causing the sewage to back up. Just imagine what would happen next!

sewer and drain cleaning Glenview, IL

Ideally, you should have your sewer lines cleaned every after one year and six months to avoid this problem. But it doesn’t mean you need to wait for a year and a half. There are also signs it’s time for sewer cleaning that you can watch out for. It includes the following:

More than two plumbing fixtures are clogged.

If you have multiple toilets and all clog simultaneously, there’s a high chance that the sewer line is blocked. Toilets have the biggest drain and are usually connected directly to a sewer system.

So usually, the effects of a clogged sewer line will first manifest in your toilets. If other plumbing fixtures such as shower and bathtub don’t work properly, a clogged sewer line may be the problem.

The sewage or water backs up.

Sewage or water backup is a clear sign of sewer line clogging. The water or sewage comes back up at your plumbing’s lowest point when it has nowhere to go. It’s a nasty problem that needs an immediate solution. When this happens, it’s logical not to wait for days before getting a sewer and drain cleaning near Glenview, IL.

There’s an unpleasant smell.

Do you have an overhead sewer system in Glenview, that smells like a rotten egg in the bathroom or the rooms adjacent to the toilet? If yes, there’s a possibility that the sewer drains aren’t functioning properly, and the sewage gas has leaked.

Sewage gas doesn’t only smell bad but is also poisonous, so it’s a must to call in professional plumbers to fix the problem.

The toilet bubbles/gurgles.

Toilet gurgling/bubbling happens due to various reasons, one of which is clogged pipes. DIYers may try fixing the problem by performing some fixes, such as plunging the toilet. But if you want a lasting solution, you should call in an experienced and dependable plumber.

The Importance of Sewer Line Cleaning

All sewer in the world requires periodic cleaning – and there’s a good reason behind it.

A sewer line is naturally dirty. But it’s a whole different story if the dirt in it obstructs the flow of sewage. When the pipes are blocked, you’ll likely experience sewage backup. Worse, it may shut the entire plumbing system down. You may end up spending your hard-earned money on a major repair that is otherwise preventable with a sewer line cleaning service. 

drain cleaning near me Glenview, IL

Furthermore, a blocked sewer pipe may cause bacteria and other pathogens to get in your appliances and on the floor and contaminate your drinking water. When there’s a sewage backup, physical, air-borne contaminants may also be released. Inhaling the vapor for a long time may cause health risks such as vomiting and fever. 

There are many reasons to hire a sewer and drain cleaning. If you’re in Glenview and searching sewer and drain cleaning near me, Glenview, IL, check out Goode Plumbing. 


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