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Glenview’s Expert Plumbers Explain How a Sump Pump Work

How Does A Sump Pump Work?

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Sump pumps are designed to keep basements/crawl spaces from flooding. But how does this device work exactly?

How Sump Pump Functions

A sump pump keeps your basement or crawlspaces dry by pumping any excess water out of your house.

After heavy rainfall or once the snow melts, the water may find its way to the basement, or your old plumbing may not be able to handle the water from a washing machine. In this case, you’ll need plumbing services in Glenview, IL for a long-term solution. But, a sump pump can also help.

Once the water in the pit reaches a certain level, the device will begin with its work. If your sump pump features a pressure sensor or float activator, the device will automatically turn on to pump the water away from your property. If it’s the manual pipe, you would have to turn the device on. 

The water will be removed through the drain pipes. Usually, these pipes come with a check valve to keep the water from flowing back into the pit.

Sump pumps for residential properties use electricity to function. The device does not need any specialized grounding. Still, since it will always be in or near the water, it’s recommended to have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) on the outlet to avoid the risk of electrocution. 

Other sump pumps, however, operate using your city’s municipal water supply. It’s a good option if you live in an area with frequent storms since they work even during power outages. If the municipal water rates are high, running a water-driven sump pump can be costly. In Glenview, the electrical type may suffice. 

Most sump pumps are hardwired into a home’s electricity supply, but some operate using the municipal water supply. Water-driven sump pumps work during power outages, making them a good choice if you live in an area with an annual storm season. On the other hand, they can cost quite a bit to run if your city’s municipal water rates are expensive. Some AC-powered sump pumps have convenient battery backups.

Sump Pump Installation

Sump pump installation isn’t complex, but it can be labor-extensive. There’s the need to dig a pit. It could be challenging, depending on the location. 

For a fast and guaranteed correct sump pump installation, leave the job to the pros. Enter sump pump installation near me Glenview, IL” on a browser’s search box to find a dependable plumbing company in the area.

Once you decide to install a sump pump on your property, the installers will determine the lowest point of your basement and dig a sump pit where they will place the device. Usually, sump pump manufacturers provide depth recommendations for their products.

Installers will also place drain pipes where the water will flow. Some of the pipes will come from weeping tile pipes, while others will connect to interior drainage systems. They will also install a check valve and may apply sealant if there’s a hole. They’ll also cover the pumps. 

Sump pumps are also subject to wear and tear and other damages. They may get clogged, lost power, or run non-stop. But fret not because you can get a professional sump pump repair service in Glenview, IL from Goode Plumbing.

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