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Premier Plumbing Company Shares Tips on How to Buy the Right Water Filters

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How to Buy the Right Water Filters

When looking to buy a water filter for your home, you’ll want to look into several factors, including your water consumption, maintenance requirements, and budget. Water filters come in various designs and functionalities. And once you’ve decided to get one, be sure to understand what suits your need to land at the right choice. 

Here’s what you need to know when choosing the right water filter:  

Find the Size of the Filter You Want 

Do you want a bigger filter or just the right size for your home? If you’re into a whole-house water filter, you have to consider the filter’s size to provide the best solution to your needs. The size of the filter will depend on your daily water usage. 

Look for NSF-Certified Filter System 

No matter what type or size of the filter you’re buying, make sure it’s NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified. It is best to check the filter system’s seal to verify its authenticity. This certification ensures that the filter maintains high standards and filtration solutions. 

Consider the Flow Rate of Your Appliances

A water filter system with a lower flow rate than the required ratio may interrupt the water flow. This will result in low water pressure, especially when your dispensers and appliances are in use. When planning to buy a water filter, be sure to know the flow rate demand of your dishwashers, water heaters, and showers, so you won’t have to deal with this issue. 

Know the Installation and Operating Cost 

The type of filter you’ll buy depends on your budget as well. The cost of a water filter is determined by the filtration rate, the number of water filtration stages, storage capacity, and more. It will surely cost you more if you choose one with a remineralization cartridge. You may need a pipe leak installation in Chicago, IL too.

Learn About Its Maintenance Requirements 

Some water filters require regular replacement for optimal performance. With that, you’ll have to consult a professional to help you find a low-maintenance water filter, such as a biofilter, natural filter, and particulate filter. Each type has its role, depending on your needs. 

With the right water filter and plumbing Chicago, IL, you can improve the taste and quality of your water at home. Let our experts at Goode Plumbing help you make the right choice of a water filter and residential pipe leak repair Chicago, IL. Call us at (773) 930-3451 for assistance. We’ll be pleased to lend you a hand! 

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