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Skokie’s Master Plumbers Share Temporary Fixes For Leaking Pipes

How to Fix a Leaking Pipe

It can be frustrating when your plumbing starts to go haywire. It is easy to panic, but there are a few quick and easy steps that you can take to fix the problem temporarily before help from a professional plumbing service provider in Skokie, IL arrives. Here are they:

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Turn off the main water valve.

Before anything else, find the main water valve and turn it off to cut the water supply in your property. The main water shut-off valve is typically installed within 3-5 feet of the place where the water main enters the building. It can be either on the front wall, mechanical room, or crawlspace.

If you still cannot find it, check your property inspection report and go to the plumbing section. There may be information about the shut-off valve location as well as its photo.

Dry the leaky pipe.

Replacing a leaking pipe is much easier when the area around it has been dried. This way, you won’t have to worry about sealing materials running off or getting in other areas of your plumbing system. You can dry a pipe by turning on its lowest faucet until all water runs out and wiping up any excess moisture with a dry cloth. You can hire commercial water leak detection services in Skokie, IL if you cannot find the leaking pipe.

Use epoxy putty to patch up the hole/crack.

Epoxy putty is a commonly used product for sealing leaky pipes. It’s also easy to use. All you have to do is clean and dry the area around the crack or hole to improve the putty’s adhesion, prepare the product, and apply it to the area requiring repair. The product comes in two types: the putty stick and the two-part putty.

The latter needs to be mixed while the former combines the two-part into a stick, so there’s no mess involved. If you choose the two-part putty, you’ll have a sticky clay-like material that’s very durable.

A pipe repair tape is ideal if you can’t turn the water supply off.

Most sealants work best if the area to be patched is dry and clean. But there are instances when you can’t simply turn the water valve off. In this case, a pipe repair tape may save the day. It’s also very user-friendly. All you need to do is wrap the pipe repair tape around the crack of your water pipe, and voila! You can stop wasting water while waiting for professional plumbers to arrive.

If no sealant is available, a pencil tip may do the trick.

If there’s no available sealant and the pipe hole is pretty small, you can try using a pencil tip to stop the leak. Get a pencil, sharpen its tip, insert it into the hole, and then the tip-off. Grab duct tape and wrap it around the damaged area. This may only last for long, so you have to contact a professional plumber immediately before things get worse.

Remember that if you aren’t confident with your repair skill, it’s best to contact master plumbers to ensure the leak won’t cause massive and costly water damage to your property. You can contact Goode Plumbing at 773-295-7773 or (773) 930-3451. The company also offers drain tile installation near Skokie, IL.

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