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Skokie’s Plumbing Pros Discuss Factors That Affect the Sewer Line Cleaning Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Clean A Sewer Line?

Sewer line clogging can cause sewage back up. To avoid the nasty problem, get your sewer line cleaned. But how much does hiring a sewer and drain cleaning company near Skokie, IL cost?

The price of sewer line cleaning service may range between $150 to $1000 and even more. The price depends on the cleaning method, drain line accessibility, and clog severity.

sewer and drain cleaning company near me Skokie, IL

Cleaning Method

There are two common methods to clean a sewer line – snaking/rodding and hydro jetting.

  • Snaking – this is the most common sewer line cleaning method and is usually affordable. The plumber will punch a hole through clogs using a flexible drain auger known as the drain snake. This tool is made of a long piece of flexible metal.

    The head is usually smaller than the pipe the snake is running through. It punches a hole to allow the water to flow and does not eliminate all the dirt and grime build-up in the pipe. It’s ideal for weak sewer pipes or minor clogging. The cost may start at $150.

  • Hydro Jetting – this method uses a high-pressure water jet to clean the pipe and get rid of any dirt or debris that causes clogging. It can be applied to any type and size of pipes, but the pressure from the water jet may be too strong, so it’s not ideal for older pipes. Hydro jetting offers a deeper clean but is more expensive. The price may start at $250.


Plumber’s Labor Rate

Plumbers usually charge a fee per hour. The average cost starts at $50, but it still varies from a plumber to a plumber. The service fee may also increase depending on various factors such as:

  • Access – It will affect the speed and the difficulty level of sewer line cleaning. The time needed to clean the pipes may be longer if the sewer pipes are hard to access or has multiple connection points and bends.
  • Severity – the total cost of the sewer line cleaning service is likely to increase if the clog is too severe that it takes hours to unblock. Other steps required to fix the problem completely, such as removing tree roots, can also affect the cost.
  • Need for repair or replacement. If the sewer line is cracked, broken, collapsed, or clogged with tree roots, it will need a repair or replacement. If you still have a gravity sewer system and it needs replacement, consider an overhead sewer installation in Skokie, IL instead.

overhead sewer installation Skokie, IL

Additional costs

A plethora of factors can also cause the sewer cleaning cost to increase. There may be additional charges if there are taxes and local permit fees or a need for repair or replacement.

In the event of full mainline replacement, the simple sewer line cleaning project may cost upwards since there will be a need for a sewer line, cleanup, excavation, and replacement of concrete or soil (if it needs to be dug up). 

To avoid any additional cost, get a free estimate only after the plumbing contractor has inspected the sewer line. 

For quality plumbing services, contact Goode Plumbing at 773-295-7773 or (773) 930-3451. We also install an overhead sewer system in Skokie, IL so you don’t have to worry about sewage back-up again.


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