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Your drainage system might be hidden from view, but it’s a vital part of your building to keep your home healthy and sanitary. Having a drainage system can help prevent underground water from seeping into your home.

Without proper residential drain tile installation and repair in Glenview, IL, underground water can stagnate, which can become a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, insects, and other harmful pathogens that can cause a variety of serious illnesses.

What are Drain Tiles?

Your underground drainage system is a vital part of your home, especially in ensuring that contaminated groundwater stays out and that you keep your water at home fit for consumption and daily use. Drain tiles are part of your drainage system.

This system is installed around the perimeter of residential and commercial buildings to collect the groundwater and steer them away from the lower quadrants’ clean water.

Even though your underground drainage system is built to last for a long time, it still needs routine maintenance. However, as your drainage system is practically hidden or covert, people would often neglect preventative maintenance and repair of drain tiles which could pose problems in the drainage system.

Damaged or uneven tiles would often cause water leaks, or the tiles could get clogged with accumulated grime and debris.

Is It a Drain Tile Problem?

When you notice a drainage problem, the drain tiles would often be causing the issue. If there is an obvious moisture problem in the area, then calling on an expert plumbing service specializing in residential drain tile installation and repair in Glenview, IL, would be the best move.

Assessment of the problem would involve performing a tile inspection to know the kind of tile system used and if it’s still working correctly or as intended. Inspection of drain tiles would include the following steps:

  • Create holes in your basement walls or excavate a specific area in your garden or yard to access the drain tiles directly.
  • Check the drain tiles’ overall condition and look for any clogged debris or dirt, tile condition, presence of stagnant water, or infiltration of tree roots, if any.
  • Use a water mechanism to check the drain tiles for any problems in drain tile flow, pitch, and blockages.

Drain Tile Installation, Cleaning, and Repair Process

  • When our assessment shows that you have a problem with your underground drainage system, we will clean the drain tiles. The process will help remove any debris or dirt buildup in the drain tiles that could be wreaking havoc on your home.
  • If the drain tile problem appears to be in a mild state, repairs can rectify any drain tile problems. Cleaning is also performed to avoid further blockages.
  • Our expert and professional plumbers at Goode Plumbing can provide you quick and precise drain tile installation services as part of basement waterproofing.
  • To discover the root cause of your water leaks or problems, we would assess the property’s condition that circles your home plus your basement.

We have the best waterproofing solutions that can be installed right away and meet safety, performance, and durability standards.

If you have a drain tile system that looks out of shape because of aging and poor maintenance, you need to have a new underground drainage system installed. We can help you have a fully functional drain system that can eliminate your water leaks and drainage issues for a competitive price.

Call us now at (773) 930-3451 or online at Goode Plumbing so our certified plumbing technicians can help extend the lifespan of your drainage system while eliminating faulty tiles and stubborn leaks for good.