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The sound of water dripping can be very relaxing, and for most people, a leaky faucet may be a simple leak. However, that dripping sound you hear could mean a more severe problem underneath your pipes. It could mean pipes have corroded, and this leak could be causing you money. If you need an expert residential pipe leak repair and installation in Glenview, IL, then you have come to the right place.

Signs that You Have a Leaky Faucet

Most dripping water or water leaks are hidden, which makes it easy to ignore. However, a leaky faucet may cost you a fortune if you don’t pay attention and get immediate help with pipe leak repair right away. Check out some of the tell-tale signs that you need to call on a leak repair specialist right away:

  • All faucets are shut closed, but you still hear the dripping sound of water
  • Vegetation growth in an area in your home
  • Sudden increase in the water bill
  • Warm spots appear on your floor
  • Cracks would appear in your foundation
  • Awful smell in the area
  • Floor coverings have stains
  • Shift of soil formation around your home

Should You Ignore Leaking Pipes?

It’s easy to ignore leaky pipes and get on to more critical daily tasks, but if you dismiss the problem long enough, your pipe leak can worsen and can be damaging to your home.

No, it would be best if you never ignored even the early signs of leaking pipes. The symptoms of leaking pipes like black mold formation, poor water quality, stained walls, and flooding are not something you can ignore because your finances and home can go into a rut.

That extra moisture can quickly produce molds and mildew, which could sprout in your bathroom but can also appear in your kitchen area. This is a health threat, especially if you have little kids who are fond of playing around or on the floor area. The foul odor plus the water leaks can eventually lead to the deterioration of your home.

The worst possible scenario would be flooding and health emergencies or illnesses that arise from an unsanitary environment. When this happens, it would be very costly to get residential pipe leak repair and installation in Glenview, IL. It would be much affordable to have your pipes repaired at the early onset of pipe leak problems.

Process of Leak Repair

  • The first order of business is to find the source of the leak. The leak detection process helps in identifying whether there are signs of leaky pipes and their location.
  • Once detected, the team creates a plan and then provides you an estimate.
  • Pipe repair and installation or replacement are done. Joints are tightened, or patches are applied to the pipes to control and stop the leaks.

Whether your pipes require simple leak repair or extensive pipework, Goode Plumbing’s expert technicians can completely restore the functionality of your pipeline or water delivery systems in no time.

If you suspect any water leak nuisance at home, get in touch with us immediately at (773) 930-3451 or online at Goode Plumbing for your free estimate or schedule a pipe repair today.

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