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Flood Control System Installation & Repair

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Goode Plumbing flooded laneIt is not always possible or practical to convert your home’s drain system to an overhead type. Perhaps your basement is finished or there are design limitations such as stairway placement, that will not allow for a practical overhead sewer conversion. In this case, one of our flood control systems may be the best way to go. We offer both interior and exterior floor control systems. Our exterior system is typically the best way to go whenever yard space allows for it. Any exterior roof drains that would connect into the drain/sewer system prior to the flood control system will be relocated.  We excavate the area of the yard (or basement floor if it is an interior system), and remove a section of the sewer system. This is replaced by our overhead sewer system. Our flood control systems are excellent in terms of design, features, and quality. We do not skimp on any area of our system.  We are trying to keep sewage water out of your basement, so this is no area to cut corners. Our systems  feature the following as standard equipment:

  • Pre-cast concrete or interlocking block walls
  • Two cast iron backwater valves. Double the protection should one valve fail or become obstructed
  • Heavy duty ejector pump, with the backup pump system as an option
  • Extra deep ejector basin for less pump cycling, longer pump life, extra capacity.
  • All metal (copper and brass) pump discharge piping for durability-no PVC in our systems.
  • All cast drain work within the system for durability-again, no PVC in our systems
  • Separate discharge wye fitting for the pump. Unlike most systems, which use a back-water valve cover connection for discharge, our method allows for easier service of backwater valves, provides proper directional flow from pump discharge, and lessens the chance of debris being pumped into the backwater valve, which can keep it from fully functioning.
  • Separate clean out ahead of flood control for easy future drain cleaning
  • Cast iron ring and cover to prevent tampering
  • Concrete floor
  • Ladder steps for easier future service