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Overhead Sewer System

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One way to prevent sewage back up in the basement during heavy rains is with our overhead sewer conversion. Newer homes have them, and in many cases, we can convert your current gravity system to an overhead system. This involves removing any drains in the basement or crawl from the current sewer system and connecting them into an ejector pump basin. Like our sump pump basin above, our ejector pump basins are made of durable fiberglass and are extra deep for greater capacity and less pump cycling for a longer pump life. Our standard ejector pump is of very high quality, and again we offer a fantastic backup pump system as an option. We install a quiet type check valve on the discharge line and add a vent system for the basin. The lower drains are connected into the ejector pump basin, and any drains on the first floor or higher are redirected accordingly. A cleanout is added. On our full overhead systems, we also add a full-size cleanout in the front yard for easy access and a full-size cleaning of the house drain and sewer. Any concrete excavation that we do can be restored by us.