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Sump-pump Installation and Repair In Carpentersville, Il

Sump pumps are a necessary component of any home. They help keep the water table below ground, which prevents it from flooding your basement or crawl space. But sump pumps also get damaged. When the damage is left unnoticed and unrepaired, it can lead to more problems and costly repairs. 

So it’s crucial to check your sump pump once in a while. And when you think there’s something wrong with it, immediately contact Goode Plumbing. Our team offers sump pump installation and repair in Carpentersville, IL and nearby areas.

 6 Signs of Sump Pump Damage

Homeowners, as well as business owners alike, should be aware of the signs that their sump pump is not functioning properly. Early detection can protect your home from extensive water damage, as well as save you money on costly repairs. 

Signs to watch for include: 

Water in the floorboards

Water gets to the floorboards of your home in a way that it never had before. This could be due to water seeping up from underground through cracks in your foundation and into an air pocket under your basement floor with no drainage system installed. Or you may have standing water on the surface when you’ve never seen any before.

Odd sounds

If your sump pump is running but sounds different or starts to feel like it’s not as strong as before, this could mean there’s an electrical problem with the motor inside the sump pump tank such that you need to have a professional technician come and fix it. There may be other underlying problems, so contact a sump pump installation and repair contractor in Carpentersville, IL to be sure. 

Excessive Vibration during Sump Pump Operation

Sump pump excessive vibration can be due to bent or damaged impellers. Impellers draw things in and should be balanced. If even one of the blades is bent or damaged, the whole thing will wobble and put stress on the shaft. It is highly improbable to re-bend the impeller, so your best option is to get a new unit.

Full Sump Pit

If the water level in your home’s plumbing drain line pits has risen above the height of the pit cover plate, it is a clear indication that problems are occurring below the ground level. This problem can’t be fixed by somebody who doesn’t know how plumbing drainage systems work for homes in areas prone to flooding from melting snow or rain runoff during heavy storms.

Water seeping out from where the sump pump is installed

This may be an indication that the seal on your cover plate is not tight enough, and you should call a plumber to have it fixed right away before a storm or rainy season starts.

Sump Pump is Running, But the Basin is Empty

Automatic sump pumps come with a float switch. When this component sense that the water has reached a certain level, the pump will automatically activate. If the pump is constantly running, even if the sump basin is already empty, it’s likely that the float switch is defective or got stuck. It needs to be fixed immediately.

Problem With a Sump Pump? We Have The Solution!

Have you noticed any of the signs listed above? If so, drop us a line at 773-295-7773 or (773) 930-3451 for a top-quality sump pump installation and repair in Carpentersville, IL.

At Goode Plumbing, we have skilled and adept plumbers who can repair your sump pump or install a new one if the problem can’t be fixed anymore.