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Has your basement been flooded before, or are you located in a flood-prone area? Perhaps, you keep your valuables in the basement. Whatever your situation is, it would be smart to invest in a sump pump. 

At Goode Plumbing, we can help you install a quality sump pump at home. If you have an existing unit, but it doesn’t operate as usual, our team of expert plumbers can help you fix the problem and get the system back up and running in no time. 

We offer sump pump installation and repair service in Skokie, IL and surrounding areas. 

Why Install a Sump Pump?

If you haven’t experienced basement or crawlspace flooding before, you’re lucky. But if you do, chances are, you know exactly how inconvenient, costly, and dangerous basement flooding can be. And you’ll also understand the importance of a sump pump.

A sump pump is a device placed in a pit dug in the lowest point of your basement where water accumulates. It is capable of the following:

Protects your basement against flooding

The basement is the leading flood-prone area at home. It’s located at the lowest level of a building, usually built entirely or partially below ground level. And water from a downpour, snowmelts, or burst pipes will flow towards this area.

A sump pump’s job is to pump and move all the excess water that made its way to your basement away from your property through the pipes. This is why the device can be an incredible addition to your basement’s flood-proofing system.

Flood-proof your valuables in the basement

If you had much stuff at home that you don’t use, you probably have thought of storing them in the basement to keep your place clutter-free. In this case, a sump pump installation and repair in Skokie, IL can a huge help in protecting all your items and valuables in the basement from flooding. Water damage will be one less thing to worry about. 

Keeps the basement dry, preventing mold and mildew growth

Molds grew in a wet environment. And a basement that’s often wet may become a perfect breeding ground for such fungus. If you’re living in a house with mold, your health may be at risk. Mold exposure may result in wheezing, throat swelling, and other respiratory conditions. A sump pump prevents mold and mildew growth by keeping your basement dry.

Helps keep the building foundation intact

When there’s excessive moisture in the soil, and your home doesn’t have enough drainage, your home’s foundation is at risk. The foundation may crack, shift, or settle unevenly over time.

When the foundation is compromised, your home’s structural integrity and safety will also be affected. A sump pump moves water away from your foundation, so it will be less likely to get damaged. 

Gives you peace of mind

With a well-functioning, quality sump pump installed in the basement, you don’t have to worry about flooding or water damage when there’s heavy rainfall, rapid snowmelt, or burst pipe. You can have a sound sleep even when it’s raining cats and dogs in the middle of the night. 

Enjoy the Benefits of a Sump Pump Today!

Ready to experience the perks of installing a sump pump? Got a problem with your existing sump pump? Please contact the Goode Plumbing team today. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and our plumbers have dealt with many sump pump installation and repair needs in Skokie, IL.