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Your Faucets Could Be Making Your Home Unsafe

Your Faucets Could Be Making Your Home Unsafe

Do you know what’s actually coming out of your faucet when you fill a pasta pot or wash the dishes? What you might not know is that there are dangerous contaminants lurking in your tap water that may cause illnesses among your family members.

Read on to learn how your faucets can cause safety threats in your home.

The Dangers of Lead

The Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization (WHO), the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other health-based organizations have concluded that lead contamination in one’s body has no safe level. So if you believe that low levels of lead exposures are safe, then it’s time to quit that way of thinking.

According to these health experts, exposure to lead (at any level) can cause cardiovascular impairment, digestive ailments, bone marrow damage, and nervous system disorders, just to name a few. Lead is particularly toxic to children’s health, and as it accumulates over time, it can have adverse impacts on our body that can shorten our lives.

Your Faucet is Home for Microbes

Aside from lead, your faucets also breed a few types of bacteria and microbes, based on a study of the University of Illinois. This is true, especially for faucets that haven’t been used for days. Bacteria like Legionella may breed in the water and may compromise your health not by drinking the affected water directly, but by showering alone. To lessen the risk, researchers advise running your faucet for a few minutes before using tap water. 

Your Plumbing System May Not Be Safe

Your household plumbing system is a potential source of lead. Over time, your pipes and other plumbing fittings are collecting lead that can sneak into your home’s water supply, and eventually into your body. 

The EPA estimates that human lead exposure in our plumbing, including faucets, can be up to 20%. This is why they advise not to use hot water directly from your faucet because hot water causes a greater amount of lead to leach out of your plumbing.

Discolored plumbing fixtures are signs that you may need to call for professional help. If you want to ensure clean and safe tap water in Chicago, IL, give Goode Plumbing a call at 773-295-7773. You may also set your appointment online.

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